RPA TREKs Science is a digital supplemental Science curriculum designed to enhance learning experiences for 5th-grade students. Here are the key features of this innovative program:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: RPA TREKs addresses 100% of the 5th-grade TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and ELPS (English Language Proficiency Standards). It’s meticulously built for targeted practice, intervention, and STAAR® preparation.

  2. Recall-Practice-Apply (RPA) Model: Rooted in the science of successful learning, the RPA model streamlines varied activities and interleaved practice to meet the diverse needs of learners. It seamlessly integrates prerequisite knowledge, scientific investigation models, STEAM extensions, literacy, and problem-solving.

  3. Versatile Lessons: RPA TREKs offers ready-to-use segments called TREKs. These segments can be seamlessly integrated into daily lessons, student practice, intervention, test prep, and other instructional approaches. Whether your classroom is traditional or adaptive, these versatile lessons cater to all learners throughout the school year.

  4. STAAR® Success: RPA TREKs is strategically aligned with STAAR® 2.0. Expert STAAR® analysis informs each segment, ensuring that essential knowledge and skills are targeted effectively.

  5. Designed for Durable Learning: The RPA framework leverages spacing to interrupt forgetting and enhance student retrieval and retention. It’s a powerful tool for accelerating student achievement.

  • Design: Figma 
  • Instructional Platform: WordPress | TinyLXP | CurrikiStudio
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